Re: GtkTreeModelSort + GtkTreeModelFilter

On Aug 22, 2005, at 7:38 PM, Patrick Fritzsch wrote:

i understand that the GtkTreeModelSort and GtkTreeModelFilter Interfaces are just a
GtkTreeModel with more functionality.

Well, technically, TreeSortable is an interface that you can implement, but TreeModelSort and TreeModelFilter are actual objects that act as proxy models. The TreeModelSort or TreeModelFilter is a real object, but doesn't hold any data of its own.

Actually for the programm i want to code those functionalities would be prefect. But not GtkTreeModelSort or GtkTreeModelFilter, i would like to use both.
But well, i cannot use both, i can use one or the other i think.

Sure you can. See attached example, a sorted and filtered list. That's probably a rather heavyweight way to do it, but it is at least possible.

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