Re: More Win32 compile errors

On Aug 12, 2005, at 1:55 AM, Daniel Kasak wrote:

muppet wrote:


looks like there's no mcvcrt or crt in there --- that is, no standard C runtime library. indeed, memset, memcpy, and strcmp are provided by the ANSI C library.
Right. I've just found info at: vccore/html/_core_earlier_projects_built_with_no_default_libraries.asp on upgrading to the current Visual C++, and it mentions something about /NODEFAULTLIB

What do I do with -nodefaultlib or /NODEFAULTLIB?
I am completely ignorant of C / C++.

You'll have to find the link line in the generated Makefile and add msvcrt.lib to the end of it. Look for something that has other *.lib names in it. msvcrt.lib must go *last*, as the VC linker is order- dependent and the C library is used by pretty much everything.

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