Re: Conflict between two

"Laurent" == Laurent BESSON <laurent besson st com> writes:

    Laurent> Hello, I'm using perl/Gtk2 package under Sun Solaris
    Laurent> 8 OS and I have a problem when running perl/gtk2 app
    Laurent> when Sun Gnome package are installed on a
    Laurent> workstation.

I  had this problem  with Solaris  10 too  (a preview  release. I
didn't check again but I  think it's still true with the official

    Laurent> If the Gnome package is not installed, perl/Gtk2 is
    Laurent> finding the glib-2.0/gtk-2.0 libs (.so) in some path
    Laurent> (/apa/free2/SunOS/5.8/lib) and these libs are the
    Laurent> libs used when compiling/installing the perl/Gtk2
    Laurent> package and my app is running fine.

    Laurent> Unfortunately, on some workstations, the glib/gtk
    Laurent> libs are also present in /usr/lib (coming from Sun
    Laurent> Gnome pacakge) and they are not as up-to-date as the
    Laurent> one in /apa/free2/... BUT they are used first by
    Laurent> when running perl.

It's a little bit more complicated but the effect is the same.

The problem is  that gtk describes its own  dependancies in a way
that  is problematic  in  some pretty  rare  occurrences (in  the
gtk+-2.0.pc file).

I do not  have anymore the configuration to  reproduce it but try
to play  with pkg-config  and the light  will come (try  with and
without the following patch and it will become obvious).

    Laurent> I have tried silly things in my perl app like this
    Laurent> but without success:

    Laurent> BEGIN { $ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} =
    Laurent> "/apa/free2/SunOS/5.8/lib:".$ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} }

He he. Mee too.

    Laurent> I thought the line above would help perl using the
    Laurent> /apa/free2/.. link path before the /usr/lib but it
    Laurent> didn't work.

    Laurent> Any ideas ?

See patch  below. This patch  have to be applied  before building
gtk (yes the C version).

Have a look at the following bug report:

It would  be nice if you  can reproduce it and  explain it better
than  me,  quite like  you  have done  in  your  mail and  adding
pkg-config outputs.

Hope that helps,


    Laurent> Laurent.
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***     Tue Mar  5 22:03:49 2002
---      Fri Jan 28 12:46:51 2005
*** 10,15 ****
  Name: GTK+
  Description: GIMP Tool Kit (${target} target)
  Version: @VERSION@
! Requires: gdk-${target}-2.0 @GTK_PACKAGES@
  Libs: -L${libdir} -lgtk-${target}- GTK_API_VERSION@ @GTK_EXTRA_LIBS@
  Cflags: -I${includedir}/gtk-2.0 @GTK_EXTRA_CFLAGS@
--- 10,15 ----
  Name: GTK+
  Description: GIMP Tool Kit (${target} target)
  Version: @VERSION@
! Requires: glib-2.0 gdk-${target}-2.0 @GTK_PACKAGES@
  Libs: -L${libdir} -lgtk-${target}- GTK_API_VERSION@ @GTK_EXTRA_LIBS@
  Cflags: -I${includedir}/gtk-2.0 @GTK_EXTRA_CFLAGS@

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