Re: a simple color question

zentara said:
Thanks for the pointers, it's a bit confusing that a label can set it's fg
but not it's bg, and having to put a label in an EventBox.

No argument that it's surprising.  It's less so if you realize that it's a
side effect of the fact that a label is another no-window widget.  Setting the
foreground color works, because the label actually draws foreground pixels
(when rendering the text), but setting its background has no effect because it
has no GdkWindow to clear.  The important thing to remember is that When
drawing text, the background pixels are *not* rendered -- only the foreground

So, given deeper knowledge of the system, it makes a bit of sense, but to the
uninitiated, it's mystifying.  Such is life.  :-/

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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