Re: find-as-u-type on a simple::list

ofey aikon wrote:

Uh! I couldn't resist sending this one out :) My own little
'find-as-you-type' searchbox for a Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List [ Type
something in the textbox on top ]

nice, could even be useful :-)

I'd be interested in using this idea in my Gtk2::Ex::Geo::Glue, which uses a Gtk2::Entry and connects that to user's history (sidenote: how could I use Term::Readline which has built-in history?), eval function, and objects maintained by Gtk2::Ex::Geo::Glue. I would like to have the "press-tab-and-you-get-possible-options" behavior (options would come for example from the names of the variables there are, or from the methods that are defined for the class of it.

This kind of help-feature is for example in Firefox (typing URLs and filling HTML forms). Is it available for Gtk2::Entry somehow?


If a perl wizard here with plenty of free time in hand is interested
in optimizing it just for fun, I sure will enjoy the learning
experience :)



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