Re: $(BASEEXT).dll Can't be found[was:[Help]Can't find Gtk2.dll]

On Apr 27, 2005, at 7:00 AM, Shixin Zeng wrote:

I think I find the problem, but I still can't solve it.
The problem is: gtk2.dll add dependence on $(BASEEXT).DLL, obviously, $(BASEEXT) should be substitue by the its real value. but, by some unkown mistakes, it wasn't substituted. So $(BASEEXT).DLL can't be found, and gtk2.dll can't be loaded either.

eh, according to the generated Makefile i have on my linux system here:

  # FULLEXT = Pathname for extension directory (eg Foo/Bar/Oracle).
# BASEEXT = Basename part of FULLEXT. May be just equal FULLEXT. (eg Oracle)
  # PARENT_NAME = NAME without BASEEXT and no trailing :: (eg Foo::Bar)
# DLBASE = Basename part of dynamic library. May be just equal BASEEXT.
  FULLEXT = Gtk2
  BASEEXT = Gtk2

do these lines appear in the Makefile that Makefile.PL creates for you?

note that  $(BASEEXT).dll == $(BASEEXT).$(DLEXT) == Gtk2.dll  (on win32)

by the way, this is the shared object that contains the implementation of the bindings, installed in perl's library path, not to be confused with the dll that the extension wraps.

does 'make test' pass? when you're trying to run gtk-demo, have you already done a 'make install'? does gtk-demo work if you invoke it like this?

   cd gtk-demo
   perl -I../blib/lib -I../blib/arch ./

(mangle the paths as necessary on win32 if the /s don't work)

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