ANN: PDF::ReportWriter

Hi all.

I'm pleased to announce the 1st release of my 2nd open-source project: PDF::ReportWriter. It's designed to assist in making high-quality business reports for archiving or printing, and uses PDF::API2 to render directly to PDF.

Supported features:

- html-table-like layout engine
- text alignment
- basic aggregate functions ( sum, count )
- groups with headers / footers
- page headers / footers ( incomplete but functional )

Upcoming features:

- colour support, including cell background colouring
- image support
- multiple rendering operations to render unlimited sections ( ie different data sets )


- Number::Format

You can download a copy from


And sorry for the mildly off-topic post. I'm sure there are people in each list who would be interested O:-)

Comments / patches welcome.


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