liststore questions

Hello again,

Using the liststore/treeview example from gtk-examples, I've been able
to create the basic design that I need to display data. However,
rather than have the data in advance and display it all at once, I
need to be able to send data there at various times throughout the
program to be displayed in four columns created.
So, I have two problems now:

1. I don't understand how the liststore works like this. In Tk, for
example, I would create an HList, and use something like this to add
to it:
$widget->itemCreate( entrypath, column, -text => "foo");
Is there a dummy's guide to how this works?

2. (Sorry to keep using Tk examples; it's all I know...) Is there a
gtk2 equivalent to $mw->update to refresh the screen? There are
various widgets that will need refreshed to create a "real-time" look
as data gets displayed in the columns.

Thank you again.

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