spinbutton behaviour and key bindings for treeview


1) i've noticed strange spinbutton behaviour:

- i've created it with glade and set it a default value. it is placed in a notebook.
- the i changed it's value from the code, but using ->set_text call.
- if it's tab is active while the update happens, all is well, but if i have some other tab open, the values 
jump back to defaults when i select it's tab. (i tested the exact moment).
- it behaves ok if i use ->set_value call...

... i don't mind actually, it's just weird.

2) i want to bind the 'delete' key press on the treeview to deleting the active row. but, i want to be still 
able to edit the cells, which means, that i still want to press delete key while editing a cell, to simply 
clear a character.

... can it be done?

regards, bostjan

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