Re: Module Listitem

On Sep 30, 2004, at 5:35 PM, David Alcobero wrote:

When should I do to put an information in a window List, enabling the
vertical and horitzontal scrollbars? I see in the man the module
Gtk2::ListItem, but i'm not sure if this module do this that I say.
Someone know if this module do this or know another module that the
same function that I said? Someone know where i can found examples
about this topics, Lists, scrollbars, etc.?

Gtk2::ListItem is deprecated in gtk+, and is included in gtk2-perl only because you need it to use Gtk2::Combo (which itself is replaced by Gtk2::ComboBox as of gtk+ 2.4). You shouldn't use it.

Use a Gtk2::TreeView with a Gtk2::ListStore to display list data (or Gtk2::SimpleList, which sets a lot of that up for you). Examples are distributed with the Gtk2 (perl module) source code, as well as on the website:

To get scrollbars on a list, add the Gtk2::TreeView to a Gtk2::ScrolledWindow.

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