Re: Building menu

On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 07:50, Alexandre Jousset wrote:
      hello again,

      After further tests it seems that using 'use Gnome2' instead of 'use 
Gtk2' alter the meaning of Gtk2::MenuShell::append... With 'use Gtk2' 
the menu works... So what is the way of creating menus when using Gnome2 
? I would like my application to use Gnome2 and not only Gtk2.

you really don't want to use Gnome2 unless there's something in there
you really want/need. Gnome2 is a huge dependency burden (not the perl
bindings, but gnome itself.) gnome is not available on windows either.
so unless there's something in gnome/Gnome2 you want don't use it.


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