Re: Segmentation Fault when trying to make Glib 1.06

On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 22:20, John Ellis wrote:
Suse 8.2
Perl 5.8
Depends 0.202
PkgConfig 1.05

When running "make" I get the following error.
chmod 644 blib/arch/auto/Glib/
/usr/bin/perl -I blib/lib -I blib/arch -MGlib::GenPod -MGlib \
        -e 'add_types ("doctypes");  $Glib::GenPod::COPYRIGHT="Copyright (C) 
2003-2004 by the gtk2-perl team.\n\nThis software is licensed under the LGPL.  
See L<Glib> for a full notice.\n"; $Glib::GenPod::MAIN_MOD="Glib";  
xsdoc2pod("build/", "blib/lib", "build/podindex");'
make: *** [build/podindex] Segmentation fault

that's not good.

what's the output of "perl -V" on the system? do you have a
threaded/non-threaded perl?

what happens with "make test?" (it shouldn't need "build/podindex" for
that to run)

you running with a specific (non-english) locale or anything like that?

anyone else running Suse 8.2 who's had problems or got things to work

I do not know if it is related or not but when I run "perl Makefile.PL" I get 
the following warning.
unrecognized argument in LIBS ignored '-pthread'
 I get this warning on a lot of the other gtk2-perl modules also.

-pthread shouldn't be the problem. that's just a (harmless)
ExtUtils::MakeMaker warning. -pthread is in glib/gtk+'s LIBS and we pass
through to MakeMaker since we're compiling and linking against them.


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