Re: utf8 bug ?

On Sat, 2004-09-04 at 10:25 -0400, muppet wrote:
On Sep 3, 2004, at 12:15 PM, Quentin wrote:

On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 15:23, Christian Borup wrote:
This is a bug in perl - which may have been fixed in the latest 
(5.8.5 had a bunch of regexp vs utf8 fixes).

Can you test with perl 5.8.5 and report back? If the problem persists 
will pester one of the perl5-porters to fix it.

just now while answering email, i compiled a new perl 5.8.5 and Gtk2 
(all into a sandbox, so i'm presuming i got all the paths right), and i 
still see the panic.

Me too. In fact I've taken Gtk2 out of the equation. The attached
script still crash.

use Encode qw( _utf8_on );
my $string='string';
$_='a %1 b %1';
warn $_;

sub replace
{       $_=shift;
        return $_;

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