Re: How to emit signals in Glib::Object derived modules?

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 04:48, Samuel Abels wrote:

use Glib::Object::Subclass

They parent class is supposed to be here rather than the name of this
class. Glib::Object if you're creating a simple object, Gtk2::Button
(for instance) if you're created a new type of button.

Unfortunately, this produces an error message:

Uncaught exception from user code:
        package TestClass has not been registered with
GPerl at /usr/lib/perl5/Glib/Object/ line 225.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./ line 11.

the error message is coming out because your new subclass is trying to
set up something called TestClass as it's parent and gobject and gperl
know nothing about a class by this name, because you are just now
registering it.


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