Re: transparent layer over image

(something tells me that this dateline is, erm, wrong)

On Jul 23, 2003, at 7:55 PM, Dmitriy Kuvshinov wrote:

But I want from above a picture to draw a line, not changing
thus contents of a variable $pixels  = $pixbuf->get_pixels();
(like Color Snooper example script, but without mouse movement).

How it can be made?

How i can set transparent color on top of image widget for
example "\x00\x00\x00" (the RGB colour pixel)?

i'm not sure what you're asking, actually.

are you wanting to draw annotations on the image without altering the pixbuf's data?

you can either use Gdk drawing primitives to draw directly on the screen after drawing the image (which can be a pain to keep up), or use Gnome2::Canvas for structured graphics.

otherwise, you can just alter the image data, keeping a pristine copy separate from the annotated one.

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