Gtk2::Cairo 0.001

here are some very basic perl bindings for GtkCairo (a cairo-enabled gtk+ widget), against anoncvs as of earlier today. the tarball includes a port of the demo that comes with gtkcairo.

i needed the typemaps from cairo, so i patched cairo-perl to use ExtUtils::Depends and install the typemaps. that's also attached.

GtkCairo's "paint" signal uses the G_TYPE_POINTER type for its cairo_t argument; this is not very nice, and should be changed to use at least a boxed type. in lieu of that, i had to write a custom marshaler for the bindings, which in turn copied the code from the CAIRO_T typemap to create a blessed Cairo object. i'm a little uncomfortable with that, as it assumes internals knowledge, but with the current state of things, it's the only way.

as for where these should go, cvs-wise, i would presume you'd want to keep them as close to gtkcairo as possible, which means in cairo's cvs repository.

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