Re: Gtk2 perl core dump

On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 11:31, Chris LaReau wrote:

I've come across a core dump in perl v5.8.5 with modules Gtk2-1.061
and Glib-1.061. I have appended a smallish but probably not minimal
bit of test code, the execution output, and a gdb stack trace of
perl. I'm running this on Fedora Core 2, and have yet to try it on
other platforms.

I haven't gone much further looking into it as I'm fairly new to
Gtk2, and haven't done much serious GUI programming since the era of
the Motif/OpenLook turf wars, but I would appreciate any help or
workarounds for this.

looking at your bt (thanks for providing one, we would have to ask
anyway) it looks like whatever is happening is gtk+ (C) doing rather
than the perl bindings Gtk2. 

i didn't track down exactly what was going on, but it's a pretty safe
assumption that using add and remove on a vbox to change out widgets is


try out the attached (a slightly modified version of the above.
without knowing the full context of you app i don't know if something
similar will work for you. (based on dumpage it's my best guess)
does away with the whole remove/add stuff and just changes the
checkbox's label which would seem like a much better route. feel free to
reply with more details if this won't work for you and we can look into
something that will.

as far as finding the underlying bug (assuming that seg faults should
never happen no matter whether the program is behaving or not.)
translating to C and running that should tell you if it has
anything to do with Gtk2. if it doesn't then filing a bug in gnome
bugzilla with the attached C program would be the appropriate next step.


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