Re: FreezePane using Gtk2::TreeStore

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 01:10, ofey aikon wrote:
Last month, I saw this nifty piece of code (from
muppet et al) in this list to create a freeze-pane
using Gtk2::TreeView.

I thought it will be cool to have a freezepane with a
Gtk2::TreeStore in place of Gtk2::ListStore. Also,
since we are talking about hierarchical data, I
thought it will be cool to use XML::Simple and build
the tree from a simple xml definition file.

pretty cool indeed.

Here is my code for that. This is my first
contribution to the 'free' world. I would love
feedback from you guys. (Assuming no one is annoyed by
a posting of code into the email list :) ). And may be
this can be included in the documentation/examples. 

cool, hopefully this won't be your last contribution to the 'free'

just a suggestion, in the future attach the files rather than include
the text, it makes it a lot easier to get the code out and use it.

i would be reluctant to include this in the examples mainly due to it's
dependency on XML::Simple. i'd rather not have examples that require
extra modules, especially if they aren't essential to the functionality
of the example. (not saying that XML::Simple isn't cool and a good thing
to do in situations like this)

just by posting this to the list, you've put it in one of the first
places people go to look for help/examples so it will already help. 


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