Re: segfault .....

Bruno Boettcher said:
yeah forgot to specify that this is on a debian stable machine with
gtk2-20 and glib 2.0

i think you mean 2.0.x of each?

what versions of the Glib and Gtk2 perl modules are you using?

what (if any) error messages do you see?

and, even better, can you get a backtrace from gdb?

  $ gdb perl
  ... loads a bunch of stuff
  > r /path/to/perl/script -args
  ... runs and crashes
  > backtrace
  ... send this text

the syscall trace shows that the program allocates a lot of memory and then
crashes.  they are probably unrelated occurrences.  a stack trace will be much
more illuminanting.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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