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On Saturday, June 12, 2004, at 09:55 AM, Grahame White wrote:

sub clickcell{
    my $clicked = @_;

welcome to the wild & wonderful world of scalar versus array context. when you take an array in scalar context, you get the number of elements in the array. here, the number of elements in @_ is 1, so you're getting 1 in $clicked.

you want to say either

      my $clicked = shift;


      my ($clicked) = @_;

or even

      my $clicked = $_[0];

here, and it works fine.

    print $clicked . "\n";
    print $cells[$clicked]->get_image . "\n";
    $cells[$clicked]->set_image(image => "ball.png");
    return 0;

What _is_ happening, however, is that when I click a cell instead of passing the clicked IButton's index to clickcell() it's passing 1 instead. What's puzzling me in particular is that before adding the image property the correct IButton index was being passed to the function.

i changed it to use get('index') instead of get_index(), but the problem was the same. you probably changed something else in there somewhere.

What I'm eventually going to make is a simple peg-solitaire game. It's just a test program that I start off making each time I try a different language. It's got simple rules, flexes the mind muscles a bit, gives a common example to compare against and also produces an 'artifact' that I can say "woo look what I built" about :)

nifty. a hint: it will run rather a bit faster if you don't load a file every time a button is clicked (you probably knew that already). GdkPixbufs will help, but if create server-side GdkPixmaps for the image icons, you'll save a lot of network traffic (i run x remotely, where it's noticeable).

   # on startup, preload the icons
   foreach my $name (qw(blank ball)) {
        my $pixbuf = Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf->new_from_file ("$name.png");
        my ($pixmap, $mask) = $pixbuf->render_pixmap_and_mask (65535/2);
        $icons{$name}{pixmap} = $pixmap;
        $icons{$name}{mask} = $mask;
   sub Mup::IButton::set_image {
        my ($self, $icon) = @_;
        $self->child->set_from_pixmap ($icon->{pixmap}, $icon->{mask});
   $cell->set_image ($icons{'ball'});

in fact, you could just make the button class know about the icons (and keep the list of pixmaps), and tell the button which icon you want it to display, by name.

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