Re: warnings when building Gnome2-1.010

muppet <scott asofyet org> writes:

did you upgrade gnome-vfs without rebuilding Gnome2::VFS?

indeed, libgnome-vfs2 was upgraded in cooker :-)
now, to test this, i have to ask you do something dirty and hackish.
if you patch the makefile and rebuild, you'll be rebuilding against
the  new version and this problem will not manifest itself.  so, to
test  this out, you'll have to open up the installed vfs2perl-gtypes.h
Install/vfs2perl-gtypes.h on your system) and add those guards by
hand.  then try building Gnome2 again, and i bet all your
redefinitions will  have disappeared.

i'll test this next week (i've to go off in order to take my train in
a few minutes)

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