Re: Closing a window to trigger the 'delete_event' signal

On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 22:52, Francois Marier wrote:

I have also tried :

  $window->signal_emit('delete_event', undef);

but it doesn't work [...]

Well, that approach actually does work for me:

my $w = Gtk2::Window -> new();
my $b = Gtk2::Button -> new("Quit");

$w -> signal_connect(delete_event => sub {
  warn "No, I'm not going to go away.\n";

$b -> signal_connect(clicked => sub {
  $w -> signal_emit(delete_event => undef);

$w -> add($b);
$w -> show_all();

Gtk2 -> main();

and I can't find any documentation as to what the second parameter is
supposed to be.

signal_emit takes whatever arguments the event in question wants.  In
this case, it's just the Gtk2::Gdk::Event object, which might well be


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