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I've got this program that needs to run as root, but want
to have a pop-up window that prompts for the root password
and if correct, it should launch the program. 

I've used Perl/TK and Perl-Gtk previously, in conjunction
with Perl-Expect. 
It works OK, but I'm sure there should be an easier way to
do things. 

Any suggestions?

Are there not a standard object that I can use for this

I note that Mandrake is not using the Expect module, since
it is not installed, but do come up with a pop-up window if
you need to run a program as root.

I plan to use this on Suse (if I can get past the problem
that X on suse does not allow me to su to root and start a
GUI program!) as well, thus, it will be cool if it is not a
Mandrake specific object, or solution.


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