Re: Setting an iter from an ID value

I do some similar contortions in C++ code.  The only seeming difference
is that I maintain the option vector separately from the widget, so I
can just scan through the options and figure the matching index, then

        Gtk::Menu* menu = _optionMenu->get_menu();
        menu->activate_item(menu->items()[_active], true);

On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 22:25, Daniel Kasak wrote:
Hi all.

I have some code which I'm not completely happy with.
I have a combo box with a Gtk2::ListStore model, which contains 2 
fields: an ID field and a string field.
Here's how I'm currently selecting the iter:

my $iter = $widget->get_model->get_iter_first;

$widget->get_child->set_text(""); # In case no match is found for some 

while ($iter) {
    if ($id_from_database eq $widget->get_model->get($iter, 0)) {
    $iter = $widget->get_model->iter_next($iter);

This works, but doesn't seem like a very economical way of doing things.
I've thought about getting the string field from the database and using 
$widget->get_child->set_text($string) but that also seems kinda dodgy, 
and won't work if there are duplicate strings ( not that there should 
be, but anyway ... )

Is there a better way of doing this?

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