Re: I want popup menus :(

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 12:25, Artūras Šlajus wrote:

$usertree->signal_connect('button-press-event' => sub {
     my $event = $_[1];
     if ($event->button == 3) {
         $gladexml->get_widget('pmUsers')->popup(undef, undef, undef,
             user_selected(), $event->button, 0);
         return TRUE;
     else {
         return FALSE;
} );

Why do you put user_selected() in the user data slot of popup()?  It
would only be used if you provided a positioning callback.

other way popup appears and disappears quickly.

That's because you connected to button-press-event.  Those kind of popup
menus only stay up if you don't release the mouse button.  If you want
the more traditional behavior, connect to button-release-event.

activate_time :        the time at which the activation event occurred.
The activate_time parameter should be the time stamp of the event that 
initiated the popup. If such an event is not available, use 
gtk_get_current_event_time() instead.

i don't really understand from where i should get that activation time..

Well, either use $event->time or Gtk2->get_current_event_time.


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