Re: Unable to locate module error.

On Jul 16, 2004, at 9:51 AM, Neil Jones wrote:

On Wednesday 14 July 2004 20:13, muppet wrote:
please, please, use gtk2-perl. you don't have to install to your whole system, there are instructions in the tarballs' READMEs for how to do a
private installation.  (hint, PERL5LIB env var)

I am afraid I don't know what your hint means.

ok, less terse: in the README files for each module contain text that explains how to use "perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/some/place" to install modules to a nonstandard (e.g., writable by you) place, and how to use the environment variable PERL5LIB to tell perl how to find them (so you don't need to use -I/some/place/lib... to each script).

Cpan Gtk2

fails because of dependencies

interesting. i knew there were problems with CPANPLUS, but i thought it worked pretty well from CPAN.

They will all install except
cpan ExtUtils::PkgConfig

if ExtUtils::PkgConfig doesn't install, none of the other ones (Glib, Gtk2, Gnome2, etc) can build, so i don't know what you mean by "they will all install except".

Which gives.
t/1....ok 1/7sh: line 1: pkg-config: command not found
t/1....NOK 2#     Failed test (t/1.t at line 21)
t/1....NOK 3#     Failed test (t/1.t at line 22)
sh: line 1: pkg-config: command not found
t/1....ok 4/7sh: line 1: pkg-config: command not found
sh: line 1: pkg-config: command not found

there's your problem -- you didn't install pkg-config.

pkg-config is a tool used by the GNOME project and many others to maintain library dependency information. ExtUtils::PkgConfig uses this tool to read the *.pc files installed by the various gtk+ and GNOME libraries so that you can compile the C code that backs up the Gtk2-Perl extensions. in fact, you need it to compile *any* software that uses the GNOME libraries. you can install pkg-config from your vendor's packages and ExtUtils::PkgConfig will be quite happy.

i thought i made ExtUtils::PkgConfig's Makefile.PL die if pkg-config couldn't be found, but apparently i never committed it. sorry.

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