Re: Flashing label

Daniel Kasak wrote:

What would be involved in making a label flash?
I'd have to do something like create a new thread that wakes up every so often and alternates the colour of the label, right? I'd had a brief look at threading under Perl, and I'm getting confused already ( nothing new, I know ). It looks like there are a number of methods of threading under Perl. I also seem to remember getting a warning when I was compiling Perl that threading was disabled unless I explicitely enabled it. Suggestions? ie is this more hassle than it's worth? Are there any decent alternatives?

My users really want a flashing label to alert them of problems with data...
my $tRefresh = Glib::Timeout->add($config->{'refresh'}*1000, \&tvUsers_refresh);

i'm sure u got it :)

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