Re: CellRendererSpinButton

On Friday 09 July 2004 04:51, muppet wrote:

what are you wanting to do with this size?  

look at this, you will immediately realize, what i want:

can you not get it
normally, e.g. $spin_button->allocation?

Is there any docu for allocation?
I tried the following:
In RENDERER i use $widget -> get_style -> paint_layout
which works fine for the cellrenderer, but can't get it working on the 
spinbutton in START_EDITING, because thers's no $window variable set, 
which is need by paint_layout...

I changed the event handler from "key_press" to "focus_out" to have
better usability:

how do you mean better usability? 

You won't loose the new value, if you leave the cell without pressing 
return (When selecting another row with the mouse)

the code you posted makes the up
and down arrows close the editor widget rather than change the value,

ok, i just lost the key bindings, should be included again.


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