Re: $widget->visible() not behaving

Daniel Kasak wrote:


If I run the code in a debugger ( Komodo ) and step through the if() bit and check the value of FileNo myself, everything works. It *always* works in break mode.

But if I *don't* put a break in the debugger, or if I run it from a terminal via my system's Perl, the above only works the first couple of times...

My data set starts with FileNo equal to zero, and the code correctly shows / hides the widgets. Next my data has a null value, and the code correctly shows / hides the widgets.

After this, however, even though the if() statements are running the right portion of code ( which I check from the output of the print() statement ), the $widget->visible() code doesn't seem to have any effect.


Actually, it's not limited to $widget->visible().
It also happens with $widget->sensitive().

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