Re: Maybe Off-Topic: remote Perl Gtk2 via ssh

Richard Dawe wrote:


Daniel Kasak wrote:

I'm trying to use ssh's 'forward X11' feature to run a Perl Gtk2 app on the server at work and display it here at home.


The program '' received an X Window System error.
This probably reflects a bug in the program.
The error was 'BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)'.
 (Details: serial 61 error_code 3 request_code 38 minor_code 0)


Is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to forward Perl Gtk2 apps via ssh? It seems a little strange that I can run some gtk2 apps but not this one.

Are you running ssh on gentoo? If so, try using "ssh -Y" instead of "ssh -X". I think I got similar errors running Evolution over the network. The errors disappeared when I started using the -Y option. I have no idea why this works - the guy at work that recommended it to me didn't know either.

Bye, Rich =]

Yes I am actually.
And yes that fixes it too.


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