Re: Glib::filename_(to|from)_unicode (naming issues)

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 03:09:09PM +0100, Bjarne Steinsbø <bosteins broadpark no> wrote:
Ahh, I see.  They're doing the conversion using the typemap.  Sorry, 
didn't notice that at first pass.

Oh, I forgot about that, I assumed they indeed called the functions

I withdraw my request for dropping them, and change that to a request 
for a name-change instead.

Hmmm.  Maybe not.  It could easily be argued that they have a suffiently 
different call signature from the corresponding glib functions that they 
should be kept separate.  For what it's worth: let it be noted that I 
vote for keeping them as they are, name and all.

The reason I chose this name (I pondered long about it) is that perl
does have no notion of utf-8 in strings. It only has unicode text that
might be represented as utf-8, latin1, ascii or other encodings, so
_to_utf8 would not have a well-defined meaning in perl.

Most correct would be ..._to_text or ..._to_perl, and I considered
these, but I thought nobody would understand their meaning.

The use of "unicode" is consistent with perl and it's documentation,
as perl uses unicode to store characters (and internally, but only
internally, some concrete encoding or subset encoding of unicode).

If you do come up with a better and more fitting name I would be happy,
although I can quite live with them as they are.

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