Re: Gtk2-1.021 make test failures

On Sunday, January 4, 2004, at 12:34 PM, Kevin Spencer wrote:

I installed Gtk2-1.021 in a non-systemwide directory. Still having problems. Even though I specify my local directory lib path first in PERL5LIB, the existing mdk 9.1 Gtk2 install is still being picked up.
...snip a good-looking @INC...
A quick perl -c from my local dir results in the

[vek on localhost, Linux - 2.4.21-0.13mdk, bash]-{69}
->perl -c
Can't find 'boot_Gtk2__GType' symbol in
 line 0
         ...propagated at
                 line 11.

you're finding the new correctly, but finding the wrong this perplexes me, especially since your @INC looks correct.

what does your script look like? what 'use' statements does it employ? note that if you attempt to use Gtk2::Window you will bring the house down around your ears --- see below.

So, my local is picking up Gtk2::TreeView from
/usr/lib/perl5/*/Gtk2 - probably the mdk 9.1 version.  Where can I get
the Gtk2::Tree* modules so that I can install them locally?  Couldn't
find them on the CPAN.

you don't need a pm for TreeView, it is brought in with Gtk2 --- since 0.20, Gtk2 consists of and, rather than the single .so and hundreds of .pms use by the old Inline stuff.

SimpleList and a few other helpers (in the pm dir of the source dist) are just gravy, stuff implemented in pure perl that *uses* Gtk2.

if you have 'use Gtk2::Window;' or 'use Gtk2::TreeView;', you will be picking up the old Inline-based stuff, and attempting to mix the two incompatible versions.

and, since Gtk2::SimpleList brings in Gtk2 for you, and Gtk2 brings in Glib, you really only need to have 'use Gtk2::SimpleList;' at the top of your program.

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