Re: [RFC] 1.040 todos

On Sat, 2004-02-07 at 02:58, muppet wrote:
- new features
   - Glib::ParamSpec->scalar(), because having to know that you need to
     use Glib::ParamSpec->boxed (... 'Glib::Scalar'...) really sucks.

see attached patch. unless i'm missing something this should do it. i've
got it and a test ready to commit, let me know if it's good with you.

   - more interface types implemented
     - which ones do we need?

unfortunately past experience tells me all any and all. i guess it could
be different in this particular case. we've taken the 'implement only
what's needed' approach before and always ended up giving up on it and
doing it 'all'. 

- documentation generation
   - a way to specify that some set of pod paragraphs go *after* the
     method listing

an example of what you're wanting to do with this please. mainly out of
curiosity. it should be doable i'll look into it before too long. it
will likely take a new =for keyword though.

   - list properties on interfaces in 2.4

i'll look into this tomorrow.

things we need in general:

- gtk2-perl-specific version of the gtk+ tutorial

you'll be rich and famous, well if you're already rich you might get a
little bit more famous, or at least a few hundred geeks will know who
you are.

- more example programs

as always.

- more documentation

we're still open to accepting doc/patches for descriptions and
sysopsises (that can't be right) for any and all of the objects and
their functions. 


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