GtkCombo vs GtkComboBoxEntry: scrollbars

Hi all.

I'm doing some maintenance on one of my first forms, and in the process I'm replacing old GtkCombo widgets with Gtk2.4's ComboBoxEntry widgets. One thing I've noticed is that ComboBoxEntry widgets ( unlike the old GtkCombo widgets ) don't display a scrollbar when displaying the list of options. In cases where there are a *lot* of options, this is handy because it lets people scroll through the list much faster than just clicking on the 'scrolly thing at the bottom of the list' - sorry I don't know what it's called :)

I realise I can set up an EntryCompletion on the ComboBoxEntry's child entry widget, but having a list with a scrollbar would still be nice.

I looked closer at the form in Glade and noticed that my GtkCombo has a GtkList in it. However, GtkList is also in the 'depreciated' section.

This is probably a Gtk issue more than a Gtk-Perl issue, but still ... does anyone know if I can get a scrollbar ( easily ) on my ComboBoxEntry widgets?


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