d&d with simple list


I try drag&drop with $slist->get_selection->set_mode ('multiple');
The problem is, that the user has to keep Ctrl pressed while starting 
the drag, otherwise the selection will be lost and only the row below 
the mouseclick will be selected. 
I would like to keep the selection for the d&d. 
Any ideas are welcome.

My next problem is: i'm trying to set an array as target for the 
SelectionData, without success:

$data->set ($data->target, 8, \ pictures);

drag_data_received {
  my ($widget, $context, $x, $y, $data, $info, $time, $o_model) = @_;
  if (($data->length >= 0) && ($data->format == 8))
        # how to get the data?
        my $tmp = $data->data;
        my @tmp = @$tmp;
        my @tmp = split /\n/, $data->data

Rgds, Jens

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