Re: TreeView and selecting rows

On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 01:06, Daniel Kasak wrote:
Hi all.

I have a treeview that I made quite some time ago.
Now I want to have rows selectable, and some code running on when 
something is double-clicked.
The double-click part is fine.
However for some reason I can't select any rows in the treeview.
I've only ever really used SimpleLists before, and those seem to have 
rows which are selectable by default.
What do I have to do to a treeview to make the rows selectable?

Possibly returning the wrong value from your button-click handler? 
which tells Gtk+ that you've handled the click, which would
short-circuit the normal selection mechanism.  Just a guess, w/o looking
at code...

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