Re: win32 :( ?

 Ok. I did it. My gui works great on win32, no code changes needed, at
least i found none until now, surely there are some bugs left, but
that's another story. Thanks muppet for your assistance during this.
Basically, using the freeware msvc & sdk doesn't automagically provide
all the stuff needed, so the safest way is (prolly) a full msvc 6 or
smth, but i surely wouldn't spend my money on that. The
find_extra_libs() sub trick muppet told me about proved to be very
useful. There was also some sed involved for generating some .libs out
of some .dlls. The flag /NOENTRY must be added to linker options, at
least with this freeware msvc, as pointed out in
 I'll try to make some time this week to document this steps more
clearly and maybe provide some patch if needed. I also don't know how
ppm's are made, but if, again, ($free_time), i'll try to make some.
 Muppet: as i understood you are in some manner involved with
gtk2-perl team work, maybe some updates on the site are needed ? at
least the FAQ part on windows et all (the ppms you told me about and
some basic steps to take for installing gtk2/glib/etc, compiling
 Thanks again.

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