Gtk2::MozEmbed 0.00 (alpha)


attached is an alpha version of bindings for GtkMozEmbed -- the widget
that lets you embed Mozilla.  The old gnome-perl had bindings for it, so
this release can be considered a fix for a big regression. :-)

The bindings are pretty much complete.  The only things that currently
don't work are:

  * gtk_moz_embed_push_startup and gtk_moz_embed_pop_startup: I've no
idea what those are there for.  They'd be easy to bind, but I'll hold
off until somebody asks for them and/or explains what they're good for.

  * The new_window, dom_*, security_change and status_change signals:
Those need custom marshallers which were not written yet.

  * GtkMozEmbedSingle: This is a singleton that only has one purpose --
catching the new_window_orphan signal, which will also need a custom

  * Well, and the API documentation and especially the POD for the
module are pretty much non-existent as well.

As the example included in the tarball, PumZilla, demonstrates, you
don't necessarily need this stuff to write a pretty feature-complete
browser.  So, please test this release if you're interested and report
any problems or glitches you encounter.


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