Re: $button->modify_bg() delay?

muppet writes:
Realistically, since flashing the color visibily requires the color to stay up
long enough for the user to see it, and people need a reasonable slice of a
second to see something, you'll want to do this with timeouts.

On the ferry last night I was having trouble with a redisplay
operation that's taking too much time, and queued interaction messages
(from scrollbars and dragging objects on a canvas) were taking too
long, and I was trying to puzzle out the mappings from the devhelp GTK
docs to Gtk2-Perl and it wasn't working, and, lo and behold, there's
your message.

Perfect. I can now continue with my prototype "just blit the whole
darned screen" redraw method while I work on core functionality by
just setting a "we need to redraw the screen" flag and letting a
timeout handler take care of it.



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