Re: Still Can't make loaded symbols global on this platform while loa ding ... and minor bug in ExtUtils

On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 07:37, Ross McFarland wrote:
at any rate i'll search around a little bit for that error message and
see if i can figure out what it is and possible ways of addressing it.
obviously if someone else knows what the deal is fill us in.

i've found the likely culprit, the change will be made at some point
today and hopefully it will get rid of the warning message. it should be
in any further releases made.

if you want to try it out change all ocurances of:
        sub dl_load_flags { $^O eq 'darwin' ? 0x00 : 0x01 }
to have what your $^O variable says. 

actually i'm not sure what to put in the test, what does hp-ux have in
it's $^O. 

we might ought to find out what systems this is an issue on and test for
any of them there. after searching around on google it's clear that it's
more than darwin and hp-ux.


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