ParseXS, XS development.

For those of you developing with XS, you might want to update,
especially if you're working on Gtk2-Perl, but i leave that up to you
(at your own risk) cpan is probably the best way to go about it.

see the Changes for why (top two):
2.05  Mon Sep 29 10:33:39 CDT 2003
 - We no longer trim the directory portions from the "#line " comments
   in the generated C code.  This helps cooperation with many editors'
   auto-jump-to-error stuff. [Ross McFarland]

 - In some cases the PERL_UNUSED_VAR macro is needed to get rid of C
   compile-time warnings in generated code.  Since this eliminates so
   many warnings, turning on "-Wall -W" (or your platform's
   equivalent) can once again be helpful. [Ross McFarland]

 - Did a huge amount of variable-scoping cleanup, and it *still*
   doesn't compile under 'use strict;'.  Much progress was made
   though, and many scoping issues were fixed.

if you have an xs project that has problems due to these changes let me
(and/or the maintainer know) you probably shouldn't unless you're doing
pretty funky things to work around the above problems in the first place.

1.0 is coming soon (hopefully.)


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