Re: set_app_paintable

Bruno said:
Well.. i need to make a window look like a tooltip window.
But it has to have a image (Pixbuf) and a Text area (i achived that with
a pango layout).
The only way i can do that is to "paint" the pixbuf and the the layout.
But without the app_paintable propertie is impossible :)

But maybe you guys have another way to do this.

that function and several others are now impelemented in cvs, they will be in
the next release. they should be minimal impact since their rather obscure,
the don't break common stuff and even if they're broke very few people are
going to use them. they should work fine though, i wrote tests for the more
complicated one.

since you brought it up we'll expect feedback as to whether or it works. :-)


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