Does a widget exist?

Hi all once again.

Does a simple way exist to know if a widget has already been created?

I ihave this small piece of code :

        if (($pos > $Noninteractive)) {
                my $frame_label =  new Gtk::Frame("File Name");
                my $pgplot_file_name = new Gtk::Entry();
                $hbox_pg1->pack_start($frame_label,$true, $true, 10); 
                print "Non Interactive\n";

which creates a frame with an entry inside every time  $pos > $Noninteractive 
As this test can be exectuted as many time as the user wants, I would like 
that if one frame already exist ( created by a prvious positive test) it is 
destroyed before a new one is created.

How can i do that?

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