Gtk::VBox problem in 0.97

The following code works well in 0.96, but not in 0.97.

    my $notebook = Gtk2::Notebook->new();
    $vbox = Gtk2::VBox->new();
    $notebook->append_page($vbox, "Title");

With 0.97, the error message is

    variable is not of type Gtk2::Widget at CCat/UI/ line 62.

Didn't have time to figure out where the exact problem is, but a diff on
build/gtk2perl.typemap shows the following changes:

-GtkVBox *      T_GTK_TYPE_VBOX
-GtkVBox_ornull *       T_GTK_TYPE_VBOX_NULLOK
+GtkVBox_ornull *       T_GPERL_GENERIC_WRAPPER
-       $var = SvGtkVBox($arg);
-       $var = SvGtkVBox_ornull($arg);
-       $arg = newSVGtkVBox($var);
-       $arg = newSVGtkVBox_ornull($var);


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