Re: installing examples with Makefile.PL's

Ross McFarland wrote:
anyone have a good way, not too hacky, to install examples with a
Makefile.PL into some reasonable place. i looked around a little bit and
didn't turn anything up. preferable it would be an optional install, but
that's not a requirement if there's a standard method for doing so.
something like make install-examples or something.

obviously this is a little off topic for gtk-perl-list, but this is for
gtk2-perl  so i figured i'd ask here first.

Hopefully this isn't too distribution dependant... for Debian, this stuff goes under /usr/share/doc/<pkg>/, but I don't know how RH, Slack, Gentoo etc do this. (or if the LSB says anything. and what about other Unixes?)



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