Re: outstanding issues before 1.0

Pascal Giard wrote:
--- Ross McFarland <rwmcfa1 neces com> a écrit : >
tell your favorite distro that you want it included, hit the web page and the freshmeat site to get our numbers up, rate it high while you're there.

should i try to get it included in debian ?

James, do you want to do it yourself ?

i know at least 2 maintainers (i'm also on the way of becoming one) who might want to care of

You read my mind, I was just about to mail the list about this.

I'm not a Debian developer. I would like to become one (I've been using Debian for about 6 years), but I have some personal things going on that may prevent me from having any free time to contribute to Debian. Otherwise, I would already be on my way to being one.

With that said, in a couple of weeks I will know the results of my personal issues, and may or may not be able to commit myself to Debian then. If I did become a developer I would love to maintain the gtk2-perl packages, though. But don't wait on me.

There is a relevant bug in the BTS:



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