Re: debian packaging

On Sun, 2003-10-19 at 01:01, Pascal Giard wrote:
 --- Ross McFarland <rwmcfa1 neces com> a Ãcrit : 

as of right now all of the debian files are under s.f. cvs control, but
they don't seem to be up to date as far as requirements and such go (at
least the last time i looked) i don't know how all of the debian stuff
works so maybe that's all done auto-magically. 
if it would be any help we have facilities in the Makefile.PL's to
create the rpm spec files with the correct dependency information on the
fly the same could be done for the debian pkgs if need/want be. let me
know if you're interested. 

Wolfgang should answer this one, but i think it would be relevant to do so as the dependancies are
defined [manually] in the debian/control file.

${perl:Depends} gets most of them, fortunately. You just have to make
sure to get the ones in there that may not be explicit. For example,
${perl:Depends} generates this for Gtk2:

Depends: perl (>= 5.8.1-2), perlapi-5.8.1, libatk1.0-0 (>= 1.2.4), libc6
(>= 2.3.2-1), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.2.3), libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.2.1),
libpango1.0-0 (>= 1.2.1), libglib-perl (>= 1.00)

Build-Depends is the tricky one.



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