Re: Fw: Custom widget with GladeXML

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 12:46, muppet wrote:
[1] i admit, i've never looked at this code before.  i have next to no 
idea what's going on with libglade, so i've never had occasion to touch 

[1.1] i've been trying to tell people that i just copied what was in
gtk-perl and that glade needs a maintainer that knows glade. obviously
this issue has nothing to do with callback methodologies, but i didn't
spend any time looking at it.

i did the gladexml module in about an hour and that mainly consisted of
copying the code and getting it to compile. the only other things i
changed where where the api had been modified/added to/etc.

at the time i didn't realize it would be nearly as popular as it has
turned out to be.

chas said he was looking into all this so by default he's now the
maintainer :-)


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