Re: Multithreading

Dan Lyke said:
Dan Lyke writes:
As someone who has done a *lot* of threading stuff, albeit not in GUI
type applications (a big XML based distributed database system), is
there any reason you're averse to forking and using processes?

based on my past expirence and what i think he's trying to do my suggestion
would be to use GtkPlug and GtkSocket. it wouldn't be ideal, but it would
acomplish what  it seems he wants.

the socket would be in the main app packed where the image is to be shown. the
plug would be in the forked child (in its own gtk world) plugged into the
socket so that it can show things there. the only other thing to deal with (as
you would have to do no matter what way you go about this) is telling the
child when and what to load. which can be done in the obvious normal ways.

we are looking into making things perl ithreads safe, but there's a lot of
looking to do there and that will be a Gtk2 1.4 feature at best. it will be a
damned cool one through. anyone interested in what we're thinking there who
wants to discuss it etc should join us in irc sometime.  there are some
awesome possibilities there, but some big things to clear up for them. look
for a faq entry about multi threading that should stay up to day about what's
possible and how. as soon as i get around to it.


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