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i don't like my webmail service.  the "close" button is where the "send"
button is in my other mailer, so i just lost fifteen minutes' worth of reply.

that's a pain for both of us then, since I most probably had a less-complete message ;)
in gtk+ 2.x, you can add an accelerator key to just about any button or menu
item; this is part of the accessibility work that went into the project.  the
mnemonic is a little visual reminder for what that key is, and it's show by
underlining the letter in question.  we've bound Gtk2::Button->new to
gtk_button_new_with_mnemonic, so that if you pass "_Quit", then Alt+Q will
activate that button.  very nice.

oh! so I knew what was a mnemonic after all, I just didn't knew the term.
binding Gtk2::Button->new to [...]_with_mnemonic is very nice indeed! 

they've all been replaced by GtkTreeView, which displays a GtkTreeModel; the
two most common subclasses are provided: GtkListStore and GtkTreeStore.

I'll still have to take a closer look into that. I'm relatively new to Gtk [and graphical coding
in general]...
GtkCombo itself has not been deprecated, but GtkList, which is needed to use
GtkCombo effectively, is deprecated.  rather annoying, especially since we
wanted to leave all the deprecated stuff out.

ouff.. that's somewhat not so clean...
what is recommended for drop down lists atm (before gtk+ 2.4) ?
honestly, gtk+ 2.x makes a much nicer user experience than gtk+ 1.x, so i
recommend porting for that reason.  i've been much happier since i started
using 2.x.  it's easier to write better apps, too; Gtk2::Dialog,
Gtk2::MessageDialog, mnemonics, stock items all over the place...  it's nice.

I really understand your point of view. The thing is that my application is meant mostly for
"beginners". I'll most probably port when a Debian unstable pkg comes out (I'd let the Gtk1
version as it is).
Until then, I'll concentrate on functionnalities (including dirs/files drag&drop).

And I totally agree, Gtk2 and Gnome2 are definitly nicer than their predecessors. 
But I think I should also consider PerlQt-3... at least take a look.


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